Don’t wanna. Can’t make me.

Don’t wanna. Can’t make me.

One thing I really like about my blog program is that it understands me in ways so few people do.  Like whenever it’s thinking about whether or not to let me post something, it says Beep Beep Boop.  Man, it really cheers me up when it does that which is good because I’ve been in a pretty dark mood lately.  That may explain why I haven’t posted for a couple weeks.  It’s just too hard when you wake up to grey skies and are actually expected to write in a room with absolutely no mood lighting.  Outside the window, the set decorator for Wizard of Oz Act I Scene 1 has been hard at work and I have two choices:

overhead on or  overhead off.  Bleak.

Nobody should be expected to work under these conditions.  There is also a strange smell in here and I am honestly not sure if it is the cat’s butt or mine.  I did just have Crown Burger for lunch but then so did the cat.  Shit.  That reminds me.  I need to put the leftovers in the fridge.  Where was I?  Doesn’t matter.  Where’s the cat?  A much more pertinent question.  The smell is gone so there’s ONE mystery solved.  The anti-anxiety drugs seem to be helping, not me, the cat.  The kitty klonapin seems to really be helping.  Mingus has been much more sociable these days so he may be on Snapchat.  It can be hard for a cat of his advanced age to connect.  Especially since we keep his cat door closed now.  He was inviting entirely too many racoons over for dinner.  Did you know spellcheck cannot come to a consensus on the spelling of raccoons plural?  It only acknowledges racoon singular which means there is only one raccoon on the planet and he is involved in an elaborate hoax to convince us all otherwise.  I just wish he’d leave my fucking cat alone!

The impending storm is suggesting that I get away from electrical devices before it shows up so I will leave you with a fun Holiday game! Find the differences in the two pictures below! The winner that successfully finds them all and lets me know in the comments section of this blog could win a Grow Your Own Zombie Hand that has already been grown!!!

Image 1

Image 2